New Interviews on for April 2012

Be sure to check out all of my interviews on for this month as we come to the end of the month. My interview with Julie Dexter was one of my favorite of the year, learning a lot as she shared her experiences as a long-term independent music artist, mother and British transplant. Learning about another lovely mama artist, Tamara Wellons, was another high of the month, as she talked about her new project “Songs for Janie” that debuts as a theatrical music presentation next month in Maryland. Read the interview here.

Singer Conya Doss was fascinating to learn about as she talked about her day job as a teacher and her role as such a classy soul singer. And, Liv Warfield’s share about her rise as a singer is a great read. Read the interview here.

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Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman is a prolific music writer, journalist & playwright. Follow her on Twitter @KhadijahOnline.


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