“In Her Words” Theatrical Run a Success

Thank you to all of you who attended the 3-day run of my theatrical musical piece “In Her Words”.

I conceived the piece last Fall after hearing a 1960’s interview with the late Lena Horne, and from there developed this tribute piece as an educational look at some of our most celebrated entertainers who were also fierce leaders in the social movement towards civil rights for Black people in America.

The 2012 Black History Month cast of “In Her Words” included Colie Williams, Nia Simmons, Quineice, Tracy Chiles McGhee, Naomi Rose and Anisha Newbill. The performance tour included performances for the United States Peace Corps, and the DC Public Library System. Special guest performer Lea performed during the last show of the tour and bassist Will Henderson and violinist Candace Miller were featured musicians. “In Her Words” is a Liberated Muse production. Visit http://www.theyliveon.wordpress.com for booking information and details about the production.


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