Happy New Year: Take Your Artistry to the Next Level in 2012

art by Arie Monroe

Happy New Year! It’s 2012, and it’s time to re-focus on your goals ahead. Did you accomplish everything that you wanted to get done in 2011?

In case you missed my tips series last year, here are some articles I recommend catching up on to help you re-focus in 2012:

Creativity Tip: 3 Types of Friends an Artist Must Have

Creativity Tip: The #1 Pitfall Artists Should Avoid

Creativity Tip: Three Myths About Being Creative

Creativity Tip: Appreciate Your Audience. Everyone Else Can Wait.

Self-Publishing 101: 3 Steps to Promoting Your Book

Self-Publishing 101: Proofreading and Editing– What’s the Difference?

Would you like to have your own personal one-on-one time with a creativity coach this year? Then don’t delay, gift yourself with the push to get your artistry where it needs to be this year. Contact me today at KhadijahOnline@gmail.com to get started today.

Click HERE to learn more about my 2012 services.

THIS MONTH, meet me in person as I host a panel/workshop for aspiring authors on HOW TO SELF-PUBLISH.

Click HERE for details.

Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman is a writer and editor of several books, including the anthology Liberated Muse Volume I: How I Freed My Soul.  She offers editing, proofreading and creative coaching services to authors who self-publish. Contact her at KhadijahOnline@gmail.com for a free consultation.


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