Articles in December 2011

Happy holidays!

Be sure to check out some of the new articles I’ve contributed to this month by clicking here.

This month was a lot of fun, for I got to write the site’s Year in Review piece as well as interview DC-based entertainer Wes Felton. I first became aware of Wes Felton about five or six years ago when he was in a production called “Prison Poetry” and then I realized that he was the singer on a cut with Eric Roberson, “Postcards from the Edge” that I was a big fan of.

The interview with him was by far the most direct & straightforward that I’ve had with a performer. He held no cut cards. I got to ask him in the interview why he has so many aliases and some other questions and I appreciated the interview because he was probably the most honest any artist has been about how he feels about today’s current music scene. It’s nice when artists keep it real instead of give me answers they think readers want to hear.

This month, I also got to write the piece on classic soul music Christmas songs, and that was a fun piece to write. I took to Twitter and Facebook to survey folks on what their favorite songs were and, man, did it get fierce. People are serious about their Christmas songs! I look forward to writing more pieces that include quotes from our readers and allow the readers to weigh in on topics. You can read that article here.

And, finally, be sure to read the piece on your Soul Personality, to see what kind of music listener you all. It’s pure fun and great conversation fodder. Read that article here.

As always, thanks for reading. I hope your holiday season is peaceful, comfortable and enjoyable.



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