Thanks for Reading

Every now and again, when writing in this crazy space we call cyberspace, you wonder who is reading your words and taking what you say to heart. Just wanted to say thank you to those who have reached out since I started this website blog in ’09 and remarked about how something I’ve shared online has made a difference. Three of my last posts– 5 Tips to Rejuvenate Your Artist Spirit, Creating Your Own Space: 5 Tips to Becoming a Producing Artist, and  3 Tips for Popcorn Creatives have garnered amazing feedback from you all and have affirmed my choices on what to blog about. This letter by a reader really made my day this week when I received it after a particularly trying day:

I stumbled upon Khadijah’s website after visiting Tracey’s page. I am so glad that I did! I’m a writer, poet, and lyricist. I just flat out love the spoken word, written word, and music. Visiting Khadijah’s page and reading the article she posted about finding her creativity and breaking out of the box that people inadvertently put her in was a breath of fresh air. I noticed that the comment box is turned off so I didn’t know of any other way to say “thank you” for writing such powerful material. I will definitely return in the future. Have a blessed day!


Another creative writer

To “Another Creative Writer” and to those of you reading now, I’d like to say “Thanks for Reading” and feel free to continue to shoot me emails, tweet me and make comments on what you’d like to read about in the future.

In Creativity!

Khadijah “Moon” Ali-Coleman


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