5 Tips to Finding the”Why” of Your Blog

Last night I was honored to engage with about twenty writers for my writing workshop “Writing Your Life Story: Intro to Journal, Blog and Memoir Writing” at Oxon Hill Public Library in Oxon Hill, MD.  On this gray and chilly evening, we gathered for this workshop as strangers, with many leaving as new writing acquaintances. These writers shared themselves through writings and introductions, with me later challenging them to think about the “why” behind their intention to write.

What is the “Why”?

As I shared last night, understanding the “why” behind our interest in sharing our story publicly will aid us tremendously in tailoring our sharing through writing and will, ultimately, help us in staying motivated to keep up what we are doing.

Participants in the March 15, 2011 writing workshop "Writing your Life Story" at Oxon Hill Public Library, sponsored by the Prince George's County Public Library and Poets and Writers, Inc.

Some of last night’s participants indicated that staying motivated to keep up their blog or finding the will to wade through the mutterings of the inner critic often are debilitating challenges that hinder even the most enthusiastic writer to halt their blogging altogether. What I believe is that if we firmly identify what the point– or, rather, the “why” of our writing quest, we will feel better empowered to charge ahead with sharing our thoughts, ideas and insights via our personal blog.

How Does One Connect to the “Why”?

We all have reasons why we write. But, sometimes there is a difference between why we write and why we choose to share. For example, I write a lot more then I share with the public. I write poems, stories and personal reflections almost daily, but very few of these inner babies of mine meet the cyber world or printed page. When I share through blog posts, it is usually because the share meets the “why” of my blog. That intention was to connect my audience with tips, updates and insights about being publicly creative.

Here are 5 tips for identifying the “why” of your blog:

(1) Ask yourself what type of information or experiences do you have that you most enjoy writing about.

(2) Identify the reasons why your information and experiences would be of interest to readers.

(3) Who are the readers you think would find your information and experiences shared most valuable?

(4) Read the blogs of those who reach the audience you identified as being part of your target audience and observe traits that stand-out– such as blog length, tone, links and accompanying photos

(5) Determine if your blog will be one to serve as part of a brand you are trying to build or if your intention is to solely share your thoughts with no concern for audience.

Being honest with yourself and following the tips above can get you started on the task of writing a blog and committing to its upkeep. For, ultimately, understanding the “why” gives you a focus that will keep you motivated in the long run.

Happy Writing!

Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman

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