Receiving Constructive Criticism

Hello, and thank you for visiting my website.  Today, I want to share with you a tip about receiving constructive criticism. In just about any field, feedback is essential in growing at your craft. In writing, the arts and product development, constructive criticism is something you automatically expect to be given. Whether you are part of a writing group, have formalized assessment measures in place– like surveys– or are publicly criticized through a written review or the like, criticism has its place in your development as a creative and/or business leader. The key, however, is understanding what feedback is actually constructive and what is feedback that should be ignored.

I was asked recently about how do I go about receiving criticism when it comes to my writing and my work in general. I shared that I only take advice (criticism/feedback) from (1) those who are doing work of value to me that I find is relevant to my own work–>everyone’s opinion DOES NOT matter or (2) those who have been part of my audience and familiar with my work to the point that they can make comparisons. But, most importantly, I hold an open ear for those who have my best interest at heart. Whether they are dear friends or distant acquaintances, you can FEEL if someone is telling you something out of spite or genuine care. I firmly believe you can intuitively feel what is being said in your best interest. This is true especially if you have done your own honest appraisal of your work.

For those who are stepping outside of the box and taking the initiative to manifest their dream– whether it’s artistically as a creative, business-focused as an entrepreneur or boldly as a career transitioner–the most important thing is that you stay focused and disallow those who only have negative energy to keep you off track. The key to receiving constructive criticism is making sure that you don’t let the spiteful get in your ear.

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-Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman

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