Living A Writerly Life

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Hello, and thank you for visiting my website. In March, I want to pull you into my world and share with you why I believe that writing is one of life’s best tools to grow, express, heal and learn. I live a writerly life, and I believe that it is a divine plan toward self-awareness and expression.

To live a writerly life is to embrace the world of words and images as closely to oneself as possible. Living the writerly life means recognizing the act of writing as a gift to express, to entertain, to learn to teach, to question, to spark, and to grow. When we begin a journey into life as a writer, we are usually only familiar with our expressive role as a speaker. But, as a writer, we can control our environment in a way unlike our ability as a speaker which relies on the immediate presence of an audience in order to be validated.

One-who-writes vs. A Writer

Realizing the relevance of writing in every sphere of life is one step towards transitioning from one who writes to one who is a writer. One who writes does not do so from the heart, but from the head. The words from one who writes do not harbor particular sentiment or convey meaning with precise intention in the way a writer does with intimate engagement of words into a dance that precisely illustrates meaning with finesse. A writer injects just as strong a voice in a telling of an original story as they do with a review of another person’s work. A writer marries his voice and his thoughts while one who writes simply marries words to paper.

Where are you on your writing path?

Join me for a writing workshop for new writers where we will work towards transforming you from one who writes, to becoming the writer you always envisioned yourself to be. Are you living the writerly life?

-Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman

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Khadijah Ali-Coleman facilitating a workshop in the 2010 Mosaic Literary Conference