Photos from the 2010 Mosaic Literary Conference in Bronx, NY

Khadijah Ali-Coleman presented at the 2010 Mosaic Literary Conference this past weekend.

“This recent visit was, by far, my most enjoyable group so far,” Khadijah writes on her mom blog,  “The diversity of the participants was amazing and this time, I actually chose to forgo a powerpoint presentation to accompany my workshop and just focused on implementing the lesson activities for the group, instead of telling them about them. My session was about using plays and dialogue in novels to spark discussion that ultimately aids young people in synthesizing information and critical thinking about themes that are in the work they are reading.”

The Mosaic Literary Conference presents creative ways for keeping books and reading valuable sources of knowledge and creativity. 

On Friday, Nov 5, MLC screened the documentary “Zora Neale Hurston: Jump At the Sun” at the Longwood Art Gallery. The screening included a Q&A with educators Rev. Malika Lee Whitney and Sandrine Dupiton.

Saturday’s professional development workshops featured a variety of subjects that helped educators broadened their knowledge on books, culture, and learning.

MLC helps educators incorporate literature into existing curricula to further explore course work focused on cultures, history, and social studies.

This year, MLC celebrated the 85th anniversary of the birth of Malcolm X and the 45 anniversary of the publishing of The Autobiography of Malcolm X.

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photo credit: WideVision Photography/Marcia E. Wilson

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