Black Age of Comics

The Annual BLACK AGE of Comics XIII” will be Oct. 15th, & 16th in Chicago, Illinois. This Annual Convention presents live shows, group exhibitions, lectures, vendors, author signings, and workshops. The world’s first Black Age of Comics Convention was given in Chicago IL Feb. 1993. The term, “The Black Age of Comics”, meaning creators & products derived from the Urbane, indie, or cosmic experience and independent creativity and was coined by visual artist Turtel Onli.

As part of the convention, Little Black Pearl is hosting a “Sustahs of the Black Age” exhibition of illustrations and fine art plus signings featuring Afua Richardson, Arie Monroe, Eric Battle, N. Steven Harris, Yaounde Olu, Khadijah Ali-Colemen & the co-author of “BLACK COMIX”, John Jennings.

Khadijah Ali-Coleman will be reading from Liberated Muse to musical accompaniment by Aki Antonia. Hours: 6pm to 9pm during the monthly Bronzeville Arts District Trolley tour. Free admission.