2010 Mosaic Literary Conference Focuses on Malcolm X

The Mosaic Literary Conference (formerly the Re:Verse Literary Conference & Festival) will take place November 5-6 in Bronx, NY. The MLC presents creative ways for keeping books and reading valuable sources of knowledge and creativity.  The Mosaic Literary Conference provides a platform for literature-based creative thinking and knowledge sharing. Each year, educators, arts & community organizations, and parents are invited to participate. This year the conference celebrates the 85th anniversary of the birth of Malcolm X and the 45 anniversary of the publishing of The Autobiography of Malcolm X. Khadijah Ali-Coleman will be presenting a workshop for the third year at this NY-based conference. Her session is titled “Creating Dialogue: Using Plays as Tools to Inititiate Conversation.”

In this session,  participants will learn how educators can use play-reading as a tool to initiate conversation and analysis of social mores. Educators, regardless of theatre experience, can effectively use plays as tools of engagement, providing youth the opportunity to critically think and synthesize information and personal opinion into creative art.

Other presenters at the conference include writers Felicia Pride and Eisa Nefertari Ulen.

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