Moon Performs “Sleep”

Moon performed in One Common Unity’s 2nd concert in their 2010 “Common Folk: The Voices of a Movement” series. One Common Unity strives to stimulate a new body of art work specifically dealing with this man-made disaster.

On June 28th, eight people were selected, notified, and asked to perform and share their piece at the main event taking place in the Langston Room of Busboys and Poets (2021 14th street NW) on Wednesday, June 30th between 8:00-10:30pm.  Moon performed her poem “Sleep”. This event was free and open to the public.


I’m an insomniac

My sleep I can’t get back

Don’t wanna fall asleep keep tryin to stay wake but my eyelids be droopin

Sleep come then leave, tryin hard to fake


I need sleep

Be oblivious to this situation, I need cover and reprieve, don’t want to give no more attention

Make it stop, make it leave, shit, its ruining my damn vacation

With each drip with every heave, its smothering our underwater nations

That be feeding us

We killing them that be feeding us, killing the waters that be feeding us, killing them in the water that be feeding us

We killing us

I need sleep

My spirit too weak and this problem is too deep

I can’t digest the daily tonnage that be leaking from the newsà cap on, cap off

“This oil leak is HUGE”

“Biggest leak in our world’s history”

And we act like it’s a mystery why we can be compared to a virus, killing the living

We  wonder why the world would hate us

I’m an insominiac

I want to go to sleep

I want to go to sleep

I want to go to sleep

By Khadijah Ali-Coleman