Khadijah “Moon” Ali-Coleman Performs this Thursday

One Common Unity has been producing events for some time now that use music and art to create safe spaces for dialogue and action regarding critical issues facing our world.

Earlier this month, they held a songwriting contest for songwriters and poets to submit songs they have written about the current health care debates and policy that have been front and center. Moon had submitted a song in the contest and was selected to perform her song “The Blame Game” this Thursday, March 25 at 8pm at Busboys & Poets located on 14th St, NW in Washington, DC. Check out the flyer for more details.

Here is the poem/song that Moon submitted:

The Blame Game
I can’t sleep, I have illness in me
In this land, they say, they won’t heal, if I can’t pay
I grow cold, cause my health is getting poor
In this land, they say, they won’t heal if I can’t pay
My health, they say, is the result of how I live
And now debates around swirl me as if I am not real
I feel alone  In this land I call my home
But who is to blame, when my health is now their game
I feel my breath, it’s all that I have left
In this land, they say, that soon for it I must pay
I can walk, I can hear and I can talk
In this land, they say, that soon for it I must pay
By Khadijah Ali-Coleman