Benefit Concert Raises Money for Haiti

On Friday, Feb. 26, Khadijah “Moon” Ali-Coleman with Liberated Muse Productions hosted and produced the “To Haiti, With Love” benefit concert which raised over $300 for aid to Haiti. The event was held at the Potter’s House in Washington DC that serves the underpriviledged and offers free and discounted meals to the community. The Potter’s House holds weekly benefit concerts for nonprofits throughout the Washington DC area through their Sounds of Hope Benefit concert series typically produced by musician Mary Shapiro.

The “To Haiti, With Love” benefit concert included performances by Teisha Marie, Dee Dee Kirby, Quineice & Gary Young, Enoch 7th Prophet, Empty Chair, and Anonamas featuring the Bangladesh Project. DC lyricist Head-Roc served as a co-host with Moon and provided powerful spoke word performances that spoke to the legacy of Haiti and its relationship with the Western world.

DC artist DJ Monty and Teisha Marie donated music give-aways while visual artist Choke performed live art throughout the show.

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(In photos above from top left: Teisha Marie, Anonomas, Dee Dee Kirby, Quineice & Gary Young, Choke, Enoch 7th Prophet, Head-Roc, Bangladesh of the Bangladesh Project with Khadijah “Moon” Ali-Coleman)