Featured in Article Covering Upcoming Event “To Haiti, With Love”

Creative Coach Khadijah Ali-Coleman

Khadijah was featured in a Feb. 7, 2010 article by Wendy Coakley-Thompson, DC Publishing Industry Examiner for www.Examiner.com

The article was coverage of Liberated Muse Productions and the event “To Haiti, With Love” that Khadijah will be producing on Friday, Feb. 12 at the Potter’s House in Washington DC.

“www.LiberatedMuse.com, whose tag line is “transforming places into art spaces,” is the brainchild of Khadijah Ali Coleman, who does double duty as both the DC Community Examiner and the DC Hip-Hop Music ExaminerLiberatedMuse.com, created in 2008, says Ali Coleman, to “be a safe space for flourishing artists and those who were just setting their sight on becoming an expressive being. I wholeheartedly believe that everyone is creative, but I believe that we all have different stages and mediums in which our creativity manifests. I wanted LiberatedMuse.com to be a place where literary artists, visual artists, performers, fiber artists—any type of artist—could log on and fellowship with someone who could encourage them, meet them, engage with them and share with them.” 

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